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Kaba LogoThe award-winning Hartnoll Hotel is nestled on the edge of the Exmoor National Park, in the delightful Exe Valley in Devon. With stunning decor, and sumptuous fabrics, it offers its guests plenty of space to relax in luxurious surroundings.

Each of the Hartnoll Hotel’s 18 superior double rooms offers elegance and comfort and attention to detail is clearly important. Egyptian cotton sheets, plush duvets, plump fluffy towels and luxurious towelling dressing gowns are provided for an indulgent night of pampering.

Claire Carter, owner of the Hartnoll Hotel, continually looks at ways to improve her guest’s overall experience of their stay while controlling costs and ensuring that their guests and their belongings are secure at all times.

The guest rooms were originally secured with mechanical cylinder locks and Claire was experiencing the associated costs and inconvenience of having to replace lost or stolen keys.

Kaba was asked to provide a suitable locking solution and after detailed discussions recommended the brand new contactless Confidant RFID™ lock which is loaded with security and audit features, designed with style, security and comfort in mind and of reliable construction.

  • Lock works on RFID (radio frequency identification) waves
  • Simple installation and with no card reader to maintain and cleanAudit trail – last 2000 transactions stored can be retrieved using the FDU
  • Mechanical key override in the event of an emergency
  • All electronics and batteries are located in the front lock housing – no need to disturb guests for maintenance checks
  • Low maintenance – low battery indicator alerts staff (batteries last 2-3 years)

Kaba was awarded the project due to the simplicity and efficiency of the entire system, both to install and manage.

Each keycard is encoded using a portable Front Desk Unit (FDU), uniquely designed for the hotel industry. The RFID reader provides full audit accountability, enabling management to provide legal support in the event of unauthorised access to a room. For emergency use the Confidant RFID™ door locks provide emergency access through a mechanical key override cylinder which is concealed in the outside housing.

Clare took time out to answer a few of our questions;

Q. What were your core requirements and objectives?

A. “Guest room keys were being taken away from the property which was causing us major problems. We’d have some rooms were we didn’t have a key and would have to change the barrels so we need something that eliminated the need for a key.

We also needed something that was more secure than an average lock but aesthetics were an important factor. The doors are the original doors from when the property was built so we had to have something that incorporated the look and feel of the hotel which is new on old”.

Q. What are the main customer benefits?

A. “Even standard keys for guest rooms are very expensive so ultimately, although it was a big investment it was a wise and economical one long-term. Alleviating the need for keys has significantly reduced inconvenience, labour time and costs.

The installation was carried out with caused very little disruption and we did not lose any bedroom downtime”.

Q. Are there any plans for the future and will Kaba be involved?

A. “Due to the hotel’s popularity there are already plans to expand. A further seven bedrooms are planned to be built and a trendy restaurant with a theatre kitchen at the end. We absolutely see Kaba playing a part in our development and will definitely want the same locks again”.

Q. How would you define your Kaba experience?

A. “I can only describe it as second to none. It’s been a very good experience from start to finish. With regards to product, installation, pre and post customer service, these days people require the best available and I believe that’s exactly what we’ve got”.

Essentially, the decision to install Kaba’s Confidant RFID™ solution has reduced costs, made the day to day logistics of running the hotel a lot smoother and provides peace of mind for hotel staff, the guests and their belongings.

The stylish design strikes a perfect balance to complement the contemporary feel of the hotel without compromising its traditional heritage.

Awaiting its official launch, the Confidant RFID™ lock is currently on pilot status with the installation at the Hartnoll Hotel being the UKs first test site.

Style, security, ease of use and reliability are the key ingredients that make Confidant RFID™ the system of choice for lodging establishments seeking the convenience and efficiency of a stand-alone electronic lock while retaining a stylish and elegant look.

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