HALO video processing system flourishes in challenging environments

Daylight and IR fused imageRFEL is launching its new HALO video processing system, designed to offer a complete surveillance solution in even the most challenging visual environments.

The UK-based electronic systems designer is launching HALO this month at the Counter Terror Expo in London and at SPIE DS&S at the Baltimore Convention Centre.

HALO is designed to offer next generation, low power, real-time, video processing for image-based surveillance in fixed and mobile installations. The technology has potential for use in counter terrorism, defence and security in deployments covering covert CCTV monitoring and surveillance and unmanned aerial vehicles.

RFEL claims HALO delivers “high quality, high frame rate, HD video for human or machine interpretation, even in the most challenging of visual environments” and is compact with low power to allow for successful portable use. The system measures 105mm x 105mm x 80mm and weighs less than 400g.

While systems can often face issues in challenging light and atmosphere conditions, REFL says the video processing capabilities of HALO allows it to succeed in difficult visual environments.

A proprietary image fusion engine is core to the HALO processing, to form an optimum image from across different imaging wavebands from visible and infrared sensors, rather than just blending images via an overlay technique.

The engine selects and combines only key information from across modalities and discards all poor quality and replication information, allowing the benefit of reductions in storage requirements and processing bandwidth.

HALO integrates a highly sophisticated image stabiliser to ensure the desired movement is captured even in challenging circumstances, including when it is subject to severe vibration or the image is of low contract.  RFEL has put HALO through rigorous stress-testing in extreme operating conditions to ensure it meets the growing customer demand for adaptive contract enhancement and infrared imaging.

Alex Kuhrt, RFEL’s CEO, said: “Increasingly, customers are asking us to provide complete final products as they know that we can optimise every aspect of the design to provide the very best performance.

“HALO draws on this experience and is the first product that we have designed for sale directly to customers who want an off-the-shelf solution to enhance video for surveillance in a wide range of security applications.”

HALO units are available to order now and will start shipping from autumn 2013. RFEL has confirmed it has already had its first order for 35 units to a confidential customer.

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