GVD provides McCloskey’s Bakery with Milestone’s XProtect® IP Video surveillance solution

GVD installs Milestone’s XProtect® IP Video surveillance at McCloskey’s Bakery
GVD installs Milestone’s XProtect® IP Video surveillance at McCloskey’s Bakery

Milestone’s XProtect® IP Video surveillance at McCloskey’s Bakery

In a factory, management can find it impossible to monitor everything that is happening. However by partnering with the right technical experts and using the best of IP technology, total monitoring becomes easy, efficient and adds value to the business.

McCloskey’s Bakery has been baking the finest quality bread and cakes in the North East of Ireland since 1941. Patrick McCloskey, MD, is continuing and expanding the business his father started 70 years ago. The bakery specialises in artisan breads, bagels and confectionery. With the expansion of their business and the installation of a new bakery factory four years ago, McCloskey’s wanted to upgrade their existing analogue CCTV system to take advantage of high definition and megapixel cameras so that the production facility could be monitored with crystal-clear quality video at all times.

The existing analogue CCTV system was just not giving sharp enough quality images for the requirements of the business. Better surveillance was required to see the production process in action and to ensure that goods and staff were in the right place at the right time. Arrestec, the HD Security Systems specialist installation company, worked with GVD to devise the best solution.

The overall solution comprised of encoding eight of the existing analogue cameras using an ACTi 8-channel encoder, which encodes the analogue signal to IP and retains the investment in the existing cameras while taking advantage of the additional recording and playback functionality in Milestone. A mix of megapixel ACTi and IQinVision cameras were used to their strengths throughout the site, thus taking advantage of the Milestone open platform which supports more than 1,000 camera brands unlike other (proprietary) surveillance products.

By using the Smart Client in Milestone to playback the megapixel footage, it provides unequivocal evidence to prevent double clocking with the Time and Attendance system and to significantly reduce shrinkage aka pilfering.

The Milestone XProtect® Essential video management software (VMS) has also increased the efficiency of handling goods outwards and returned; often there can be disputes over how many crates of goods have been despatched and how many have been returned. Before the new solution was installed, the images from the analogue system lacked the finer detail to be able to discern the exact quantity of crates. With the new megapixel cameras from ACTi and IQinVision there is no argument over the truth. Some people say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating; in this case what you see is definitely what you get!

The Milestone XProtect Essential software is running on a standard dual core processor with 3TB storage with a dual video card. With the IP system in place, the system can have more cameras added. Unlike DVR boxes which typically limit expansion by sets of 4, 8, 16, or 32 channels, the Milestone XProtect Essential VMS is scalable individually to 26 cameras.

Using a free app called CrazyRemote the Smart Client is viewable from the iPhone or iPad remotely. Essentially, the app is a fast remote control solution normally used for remote viewing of movies and loved by online gamers. We thought it would handle IP video displayed in the Smart Client beautifully and we were right!

“McCloskey’s like the fact that they can playback the footage from when production first starts at 4am and review how production went without having to be on site. The facility to be able to log in remotely to the system from home and from the holiday home in Spain on the iPhone is also a great advantage. Being able to have video evidence in forensic detail has added value to the business by reducing shrinkage costs and creating a more efficient working environment”, says Fiachra Mac An Bhreithiún, Technical Consultant, Arrestec

For factory surveillance the main advantages of an IP solution are:

  • Megapixel picture quality for superior image quality
  • Unequivocal video evidence to prevent double clocking
  • Sharp megapixel video footage to disprove claims of incorrect order quantities despatched at goods outwards
  • Incontrovertible video footage of quantities of returned crates at goods inwards
  • Significantly reduced pilfering due to megapixel cameras
  • Scalability, allowance with server and Milestone Essential to add more cameras without requiring a new DVR
  • Milestone software to watch live footage and playback simultaneously, even remotely

About GVD
GVD is a leading added value distributor of IP video surveillance and security technology to the Irish market.  With offices in Essex and Dublin, GVD provides unrivalled step –by-step consultancy to resellers and installers to ensure they can deliver the best IP solutions for their customers.  GVD has direct partnerships with leading vendors such as Milestone, ACTi, IQinVision, Netgenium, ACT, Briefcam, Pivot3, QNAP, Xtralis, Cernium, Viasys IV, Fit-PC, Sparklan and Meru networks.  GVD is an Advanced Certified Distributor of Milestone and is also a Certified Milestone Professional Trainer- training security installers in Milestone XProtect™ Professional so that they can install and sell Milestone software.

GVD also specialises in event IT/communications and has managed all IT/Communications at the 2006 Ryder Cup in Ireland, the Irish Open every year since 2004 and also the World Indoor Track Cycling Championships 2008 in Manchester.  For more information on GVD please visit www.gvd.co.uk

About Arrestec
Arrestec is an IP Security installation company with expertise in the specification and design of multi faced advanced cross platform protection. As a certified Milestone Professional Partner they offer the best in class IP Video Surveillance Management platform and recording solution, coupled with the best megapixel cameras available on the market. To arrange a meeting and demonstration contact us today at www.arrestec.ie

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