Guaranteed 30 days recording out-of-the-box with Videcon SSC

Guaranteed 30 days recording out-of-the-box with Videcon SSC

Guaranteed 30 days recording out-of-the-box with Videcon SSC

Leading security distributor, Videcon Ltd, releases SMARTSTORE COMPRESSION (SSC) available on all Concept Pro professional NVRs.

SmartStore Compression increases recording times by improving the control of streaming rates from the camera to recorder, adjusting bandwidth and video quality dependent on the activity in the scene.

In scenes with periods of intermittent activity or fluctuating light-levels, such as in retail, bandwidth can alter sporadically resulting in shorter recording times. SmartStore Compression guarantees up to 30 days of constant 1080p video recording using a 15TB 16 channel system set at 6FPS on all channels. The 16 channel VHDIP NVR has a maximum storage capacity of 30TB and can record up to 60 days for systems where greater storage is required.

Ian Farr, Technical Director of Videcon Ltd, said:

“We have been involved with many IP installations where 30 day storage is a minimum requirement. SSC provides our customers with the confidence to meet this challenge with no detriment to overall video quality.”

SSC is just one of the great features of the Concept Pro VHDIP NVR range, offering support for up to 5MP resolution recording and playback, P2P connectivity, remote monitoring integration and is compatible with the license-free iPims VMS client. Installers can find out more or organise a demonstration with their assigned field sales executive by contacting 01924 528 000.

Videcon Ltd is an ISO 9001 accredited distributor of CCTV security equipment formed in 1995, selling exclusively to trade customers. Based in West Yorkshire, Videcon Ltd is the home of the Concept Pro brand which includes a host of cameras, monitors and DVRs for both analogue, AHD and IP CCTV platforms that continues to grow and diversify. Videcon products have been installed in locations including leisure facilities, gaming premises, retail establishments, schools, hospitals and defence sites.

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