Grundig’s new 960h DVRs work together with Grundig NVRs to Allow Hybrid Analogue and IP Camera Systems

960h dvr

960h dvrGrundig’s new 960h, analogue DVR range delivers outstanding image quality with intuitive configuration and operation. The DVR range provides comprehensive functionality for CCTV applications of all sizes and complexity. The DVRs can also be used in the same system as Grundig IP-based NVRs, when co-ordinated and controlled by Grundig GCMS central monitoring software. This allows installers to use analogue and IP cameras together in a hybrid system. Installer benefits include enabling cost-effective, analogue cameras to be fitted in positions where Full HD resolution is not required and simple and easy upgrading from analogue to IP cameras.

GCMS software allows remote access to the Grundig DVRs for set up and configuration. The DVRs use a Linux operating system and share the same user interface as the NVRs. The Internet Explorer web browser allows live viewing, playback, search, backup and remote configuration and Grundig’s GR Viewer app is also enabled for convenient viewing by iPhone or Android smartphone.

The DVR range includes 8 (GRA-D2208A) and 16 (GRA-D4416A) channel models. Both support Pelco Coaxitron PTZ telemetry control and remote camera configuration over the coaxial connection.

The 960h analogue images have a resolution of 976 x 582 pixels, 36% larger than the industry-standard analogue resolution of D1. To take advantage of the increased detail 960h offers, all the cameras, DVRs and monitors in a system must be 960h. For maximum installation flexibility, Grundig has ensured its 960h DVRs are compatible with most other leading manufacturers’ 960h products.

Convenient factory settings include pre-configured recording modes and quick user and alarm management set-up. Tamper alarm alerts, four privacy zones per channel and pre and post alarms are included. Users benefit from “smart timeline” search functionality, including a “three click” export and back-up function, event thumbnail search and easy archiving.

The DVRs have slots for up to five SATA II HDDs and an eSATA slot for additional external storage. Connection options include three USB 2.0 ports; RS485 and RS232 ports for PTZ or keyboard connectivity; 9 or 17 x alarm inputs, including one for remote reset; 8 or 16 alarm outputs with relays; audio inputs per channel with 2 or 4 outputs; HDMI, S-Video and VGA ports for multi-view display with 2 or 4 spot monitor options; and two RJ485 network ports for remote access.

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