Grundig’s Full HD IP range now includes bullet cameras

Grundig IP Bullet camera

Grundig IP Bullet camera

Grundig’s new IP bullet cameras joins the company’s rapidly expanding HD IP range. The existing IP range includes fixed dome, vandal dome, fully functional dome and box cameras. Key features of the bullet cameras include dual, triple and quad video streams at up to 2MP Full HD 1080p resolution; progressive scan image processing using a CMOS sensor; portrait and landscape 16:9 formats; and intelligent incident alerts.

Multiple video stream technology allows each new IP bullet camera to process up to four independent video streams simultaneously, at up to 30FPS. This feature is designed for efficient video transmission and storage, saving network bandwidth. A Full HD 2MP (1920 x 1080 pixels) stream can be used for recording, an identical D1 (720 x 576 pixels) video stream can be viewed on a monitor and a CIF (360 x 288 pixels) video stream can be viewed on a smartphone, all at the same time. Video stream combinations include: 1080p at 30FPS and D1 at 30FPS (Dual); 1080p at 15FPS and 1080p at 15FPS (Dual); 1080p 25FPS and D1 25FPS and CIF 25FPS (Triple); and lower resolution combinations of quad video streams.

IP bullet cameras benefit from Progressive Scan technology. This system updates the entire video image at up to 30FPS, unlike the more commonly used Interlace technology which updates alternate lines. The video image quality is much higher as a result.

The bullet cameras video format is 16:9. Uniquely, the format can be rotated through 90° to provide portrait or landscape views. The portrait setting is particularly relevant for narrow fields of view like corridors, stairs and passageways, where height within the image is more important than width.

The IP bullet cameras all include built-in network failure detection functionality, sending email alerts to operators if network problems occur. Back-up recording on Micro SD cards within the cameras ensures no images are lost.

A number of models include a 3 to 9 mm motorized, vari-focal lens offering remote zoom and focus adjustments, saving set up time and optimizing image quality.

Image quality has been further enhanced with WDR and 3D digital noise reduction (DNR). Smart Picture Quality (SPQ) enhances low light performance in the HD sensor to reduce motion blur.

True day / night functionality comes as standard, with an IR LED option for very low or no light applications and Smart IR control automatically varies IR LED strength to suit lighting conditions. Each model has 5 programmable privacy zones.

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