Grundig offers comprehensive product range specific to IP, analogue and HD-SDI

Grundig HD CCTV PTZ camera with bracket
Grundig HD CCTV PTZ camera with bracket

Grundig HD CCTV PTZ camera with bracket

IP, analogue and HD-SDI are the three core transmission technologies used within the video security industry. Both IP and HD-SDI have Full HD capability. Grundig, the German electronics manufacturer, is amongst a select group of leading security brands to offer a comprehensive product range specific to each technology area.

Andreas Kronwald, product manager at Grundig, explains why. “Our products can be used in a wide range of applications, from multi-site, multi-camera installations to simple, four camera systems. They can be entirely new systems, but are often system upgrades, where the investment costs can be off-set by the savings incurred from re-using existing cabling or equipment. Grundig’s approach is to give installers the flexibility to offer the right equipment and technology for each application, regardless of whether it is a new system or an upgrade, all from a single manufacturer.

“Many new installations are using IP technology, which we are developing and fully endorse. Its cost is still higher than analogue, but the benefits of Full HD, wireless, analytics and scalability often outweigh this extra cost. However, evidence suggests that new IP systems are usually large ones or those for multiple sites. This demonstrates that smaller IP systems are not yet at the right price point to compete with analogue, hence our continued investment in analogue.

“HD-SDI is proving a very successful middle-ground. HD-SDI is a high-quality digital video solution where installers benefit, not only from re-using coaxial cabling infrastructures, but also from the same familar installation method as analogue. The IT support element, which many installers are uncomfortable providing, is also avoided.”

Grundig’s current security ranges offer solutions for every application, regardless of size. They enable installers to offer competitive solutions, without compromising functionality.


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