Grundig launches new range of high quality LED monitors

Grundig's new LED monitor
Grundig's new LED monitor

Grundig's new LED monitor

Grundig, the German electronics manufacturer, has launched its new range of flat-screen monitors with LED backlighting. The new monitors are consistent with Grundig’s reputation for exceptional quality, reliability and product functionality and offer many new features.

The GML-1730M (17”) and GML-1930M (19”) contain LED backlight technology as opposed to traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting. LED backlight technology has been shown to double the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of flat screens from 50,000 hours to a massive 100,000 hours. The LED backlighting also offers significant energy savings, with a 35% drop in power consumption from between 20W and 30W to a mere 15W. The monitor images are also more natural-looking and accurate, due to higher contrast levels and a darker black level.

Advanced image enhancement technology in each model includes a 3D comb filter and decoder, which reduce ghost imaging. There is also built-in de-interlacing, noise reduction and PIP (picture-in-picture) and PBP (picture-by-picture) operation.

Grundig’s LED flat-screens are very robust. The front panels are made from scratch-resistant glass and are coated in an anti-reflection coating to reduce room reflections. The monitors fit to standard VESA bracket sizes with HDMI, VGA, Audio, 2x BNC IN and 2x BNC loop video connections and remote control.

Grundig flat screen monitors offer the very best in German quality.

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