Grundig introduces new analogue CS-mount cameras

Grundig analogue camera
Grundig analogue camera

Grundig analogue camera

Grundig’s range of analogue CS-mount box cameras come in soft day/night and true day/night models with low voltage, 12/24V and mains, 230V variants. The soft day/night version has 650TVL resolution and the true day/night model with IR cut filter, offers 650TVL in colour and 700TVL in black and white. Both use high-quality Sony sensor technology.

Standard features across the range include digital noise reduction (DNR), backlight compensation (BLC), auto-gain control (AGC) and Highlight Compensation (HLC). This new feature converts peaks of bright light or dark areas within a video image to grey, improving image processing quality in extremes of light and dark. Motion detection and manual or DC iris lens control is also standard, along with an on-screen display (OSD) menu in 7 language options.

The soft day/night sensitivity is 0.01 Lux with 4 privacy zones. The true day/night model adds 0.001 Lux sensitivity in night-time mode and has up to 15 privacy zones. This model also includes wide dynamic range (WDR), multi-level DNR and digital image stabilisation (DIS).

Grundig’s new analogue CS-mount box cameras have been designed and built to the high standards and quality we expect of the German manufacturer.


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