Grosvenor Technology extends influence as Sateon creates cost efficiency at Misco

Grosvenor Technology extends influence as Sateon leads to savings for Misco

I.T reseller Misco, are amongst the latest to join the Grosvenor Technology family following the integration of Sateon across their UK estate, it has been announced.

The transition was brisk, cost-effective and hassle free, made easier by Sonic, which made use of the building’s preexisting RS-485 network, the company said.

The organisation had been eager replace their prevailing biometric system, which was prompting significant frustrations through misread fingerprints.

Sonic Security's brief was to replace the less efficient system with a more reliable alternative, reducing cost whilst retaining existing functionality, and offer scope for further expansion to more sites around the UK.

The life-cycle cost of removing the existing system and starting again with Sateon was more cost effective than upgrading the incumbent system - even more fortunate, Misco required the ability to assign rights and programme credentials remotely.

Sateon’s browser-based interface facilitates all administration to be carried out anywhere with a secure server. Access rights can be granted and rescinded from the head offices and when needed, centralising cost and administration in Northamptonshire, rather than duplicating it across sites. Access rights have even been programmed onto employees’ bank cards, helping to streamline the lives of employees with all of their access and banking requirements met in a one card solution.

Jeremy Haynes - Surveyor, Sonic Security Services Ltd, said that “It was clear that Grosvenor offered= a platform that would provide additional functionality as the organisation grew, rather than starting over each time Misco required new features.

"The hardware was easy to deploy and the entire installation was much more cost effective and intuitive than what came before.”

Martin Parriss, UK Facility Manager, Misco, also said: “We needed a system that was robust and reliable and yet simple to manage. It also needed to be future proof so that it can integrate with future sites. Having the Sateon Advance system installed has reduced our maintenance costs. We are no longer having to call our installers out every week to repair an outdated system, reducing operational cost. The software is simple to use and can be managed remotely.”

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