Greater flexibility offered by new version of TDSi’s SOLOgarde

TDSi_SOLOgarde_Prox (2)Integrated security solutions manufacturer TDSi has launched a new proximity version of its stand-alone access control system SOLOgarde.

SOLOgarde is designed to offer the perfect blend of convenience and ease of use whilst maintaining excellent levels of intelligent security by enabling installation of the controller on the secure side of the door – offering a highly cost-effective way of securing a single door for up to 1,000 users.

The stand-alone keypad offers simple but secure access control via a single reader/controller, with the flexibility of access approval through both proximity cards and keypad codes and the capacity for up to 1000 passwords and card holders – making it versatile enough for most stand-alone applications. Furthermore, SOLOgarde PROX is compatible with TDSi range of proximity readers, providing a choice of design and access methods.

TDSi’s managing director, John Davies, said: “The new Proximity version makes it much easier for approved users to quickly gain access, whilst maintaining stringent security control that is the core function of any secure access. It also offers greater flexibility for all users, for example it is well suited for disabled users, giving greater scope with regards to reaching for and using the reader from different heights and SOLOgarde can also be intelligently programmed so that access is granted for a longer period for users who may have more difficulty in moving rapidly into the restricted areas.”

Installation and commission of SOLOgarde is fast and easy, with the ability to install the unit in a standard MK-style electrical box. Set-up programming is accessed through a supplied card pack and a simple hand-held programming tool which also delivers user and fault-finding information to the key holding security team. To keep the system fully up to date, its firmware can be flash upgraded to ensure it is kept abreast of the latest improvements and features.

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