Greater control: cost-effective, wireless extension of 125 kHz RFID systems with Aperio


You’ll always be one step ahead with ASSA ABLOY: AperioTM now provides mechanical doors with a wireless connection to existing 125 kHz access control systems using radio technology. This brings enhanced convenience and greater security to both users and operators.

Mechanical locking systems are often combined with access control systems to secure buildings and control access. This poses a problem: two different systems and a potential security risk due to key loss. ASSA ABLOY’s comprehensive AperioTM Technology can provide the solution. In Europe, about 50 per cent of all access control systems are based on RFID technologies such as HID Prox and EM410x, but extending such systems to include additional access control doors is very costly. AperioTM now allows you to extend existing systems with a wireless solution at a fraction of the cost for traditional systems. AperioTM also greatly enhances convenience for users: existing cards can be used on newly integrated Aperio™ doors while mechanical keys are dispensed with.

How does the concept work? Doors which previously could not be incorporated into an access control system can now be fitted with 125 kHz wireless RFID readers using AperioTM Technology. RFID readers in the form of electronic AperioTM escutcheons and cylinders fit perfectly into existing mechanical locks. There is no need for wiring at the door. With this system, Security and Facility Managers now have greater control, can easily respond to organisational changes and only need to monitor a single security system.

“For ASSA ABLOY, the idea behind the system is quite simple: enhanced convenience, quickly and easily implemented with AperioTM, also improves security,” explains Ulf Södergren, ASSA ABLOY Chief Technology Officer. “It is ASSA ABLOY’s aim to develop comprehensive technologies. We offer enhanced convenience, greater security and complete satisfaction to our customers worldwide.”

AperioTM also supports the standard RFID technologies iCLASS®, MIFARE® and MIFARE DESFire®. You can find detailed information about AperioTM at

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