Graze – Net2 Provides International, Multi-Site Security Solution


Graze is a healthy and nutritious mail-order snacks service. Subscribers tailor their orders by telling graze their likes and dislikes, and subsequently receive a monthly, fortnightly or weekly delivery in a letterbox sized container. Founded in the UK in 2008, graze now have three sites in the UK and one in the USA with a steadily increasing work force.

Graze commissioned to advise on a complete solution that could be implemented in the UK and USA to secure their premises without numerous sets of keys. Andrew Middlecott, Operations Director says: “Our sites became increasingly difficult and expensive to manage with the growing requirements of the company – access and security-wise. It reached the stage where there were 10 or more people who needed about 10 keys each, plus everyone else with specific keys, which cost more than £600 a set. If someone lost a set of said keys, all the locks had to be changed and new keys cut”.

The installer from responsible for the installation at graze was Jamie Merry. Founded in 2002, they are a quality assured electronic security installation company. Jamie Merry says: “I’ve used Paxton access control for years and am very experienced with it. It suited the customer’s requirements to become keyless, whilst also being flexible and scalable for an expanding business.”

Net2 is a user-friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any building incredibly simple. Easy to use and with excellent features, Net2 access control moves beyond the basics of managing the flow of people around a building, offering benefits like building control and system integration. The system is perfectly suited to a growing business as it’s easily scalable with up to 1000 doors on one system.

Net2 plus is Paxton’s most advanced door control unit, employing the use of PoE technology to plug straight into an existing network with no need for additional wiring. This made the graze installation quick and undisruptive to the staff and business. Graze use the Net2 software to connect all four sites in the UK and the USA conveniently to one network, controlling the system centrally in the UK, making the system easy to manage.

Since Net2 was installed at graze, the site has been regularly updated as and when required. The site is currently running on the latest version of the Net2 software, with features such as the ability to arm and disarm the intruder alarm at the main panel. The benefit of this feature to graze is knowing the building is completely secure and all external doors and delivery gates are shut for the alarm to be set. Graze also use timezones to monitor the movement of day and night shift workers, for example cleaners have access for the agreed days, times and rooms.

Jamie Merry and Andrew Middlecott have a number of plans in the pipeline to expand the use of Net2 at graze. Within the production and distribution centre in London, they plan to introduce more functionality to their expanding site by incorporating Net2 into their production line helping them to meet health and safety regulations. Only staff with the appropriate training will have the correct access permissions to operate certain dangerous machinery or move equipment on the production line, giving managers peace of mind.


Type of site: Commercial – production, distribution, head office and fulfilment

Number of users/doors:

  • 400 users
  • 31 doors (across the 4 sites)

Solution required:

  • To be completely keyless
  • Networked solution to control and restrict the movement of different workers
  • Ensure staff safety


  • Customer confidence using Net2
  • Timezones controlling the movement of different shift workers
  • Scalable solution as the company grows
  • Securing four sites as one
  • Intruder alarm integration

Paxton products used:

  • Site one – 15 x Net2 plus control units
  • Site two – 5 x Net2 plus control units
  • Site three – 6 x Net2 plus control units


  • Site four – 5 x Net2 plus control units

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