Grandstream’s network cameras integrate with Wavestore’s VMS



Grandstream Network’s IP video surveillance cameras have been successfully integrated with Wavestore’s video management software.

Grandstream Networks, the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions, and Wavestore, a global provider of professional DVR, NVR, and HVR solutions, today announce they have successfully completed integration and interoperability certification testing between Grandstream’s IP Surveillance cameras and Wavestore’s digital video management systems. Residential, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) and large enterprise users can now seamlessly monitor and integrate Grandstream’s IP video surveillance cameras with Wavestore’s digital video management software to create a complete video surveillance solution.

“The success of this integration further reinforces Wavestore’s capability to provide open platform video recording solutions that offer customers the option of investing in the very latest camera technology.” said Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore. “Demand for Grandstream’s cameras is growing throughout Europe and we considered it important therefore to integrate the Grandstream protocols into our VMS at the earliest opportunity,”

Grandstream’s comprehensive ONVIF compliant range of IP cameras include box, cube and dome models, which utilize H.264 compression, to minimize bandwidth requirements, feature SIP/VoIP for 2-way audio and video streaming to mobile and video phones. The top of the line GXV3662_HD is a high definition vandal resistant IP66 rated dome camera with embedded analytics, integrated Power-over-Ethernet and multi-rate H.264 or Motion JPEG.

“We are pleased to announce interoperability between our entire line of IP surveillance cameras and Wavestore’s professional digital video and audio security surveillance systems”, said David Li, CEO of Grandstream. “Grandstream’s IP cameras offer the best feature-performance-price attractiveness combination that is gaining wide popularity in the marketplace. We look forward to working with Wavestore to bring their customers innovative, feature-rich, and exceptional-quality video surveillance solutions that provide tremendous value.”

As a result of the integration, Grandstream’s cameras and domes are now fully supported by Version 5 of Wavestore’s video management software which allows live and pre-recorded video images to be configured and simultaneously displayed on a monitor in a large variety of sizes, formats and positions. Wavestore Version 5 provides the option to switch from classical 1, 4, 9 or 16 camera layouts, to a free-form structure, which enables each operator to configure their own unique display. Large file sizes associated with megapixel cameras can be processed simultaneously with other camera types or video formats.

Grandstream’s IP video surveillance and IP voice and video telephony solutions are available from Wigan based BNS Distribution Ltd.


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