Good news CCTV: IQinVision, Milestone, and Viasys combine to deter intruder

Residential robber caught with IQinVision Sentinel Viasys
Residential robber caught with IQinVision Sentinel Viasys

Residential robber caught with IQinVision Sentinel Viasys

With the increase in targeted residential crime, high net worth individuals are focusing on upgrading their domestic security. Such properties are extensively landscaped and beautifully designed, so the owners don’t want any “ugly” surveillance cameras or other equipment marring the view.

For a Dublin, Ireland property, GVD Security installed a mix of IQinVision HD megapixel cameras utilizing both IQeye Alliance dome and Sentinel models to provide full-scale surveillance of the extensive property and residence. A Milestone NVR platform manages all the camera data. Both GVD and the end user were attracted to the IQeye cameras because of their unique ability to run Viasys intelligent video analytics on board the camera, eliminating the need for unsightly, physical passive infrared sensors (PIRs). The Viasys software triggers alerts to a remote monitoring center watching over the property. In addition to standard surveillance and video analytics, the outdoor IQeye Sentinels are used to capture license plate information as well. In short order, the system is already getting results.

About three weeks after system installation, an intruder came onto the property. The Viasys analytics triggered an automatic alert to the monitoring center and an audio warning was blasted at the intruder, resulting in him immediately vacating the property and preventing a sure break-in. The owner of this high-end property now has the peace of mind that intruders will be deterred and that high-quality images are available to identify any such suspects.


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