GJD launches new iluminar LED lighting range for CCTV applications

GJD IR312 & WL105 Series LED
GJD IR312 & WL105 Series LED

GJD IR312 & WL105 Series LED

Designed to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for CCTV integrated Detection, Activation and Illumination, GJD, the specialist intruder detection, CCTV & lighting manufacturer, has launched the comprehensive range of Iluminar high-efficiency Infrared and White Light LED lighting products.

Specifically designed for the CCTV industry, the new range of illuminators complement GJDs market leading D-Tect detector range (that provide triggers for CCTV cameras), by now providing advanced night time lighting for cameras.

To aid situations where the ambient light is too low for security cameras to capture clear images, GJD’s iluminar range of Infrared and White Light LED illuminators can provide an external source of lighting – powerful enough to provide camera coverage in practically any environment.

Designed to work in conjunction with monochrome or Day/Night cameras to provide a light invisible to the human eye but fully visible to the CCTV camera, GJD iluminar IR LED illuminators cause no light pollution and optimize camera surveillance performance.

The Invisible Series IR Illuminators feature 12-32VDC/24VAC or PoE models, and are available in Long, Super-Long, Medium, or Short distance range models. With a choice of 850nm or 940nm wavelengths, and various beam angles from 10 degrees through to 120 degrees, the IP 67 rated, low power consumption, long-life LED technology IR illuminators also feature robust, vandal resistant construction, and an expected lifespan of 10 years.

When considering white light, installers can use GJD Iluminar White Light Illuminators to provide illumination for colour CCTV cameras, to achieve clearer, more detailed images, provide a visible deterrent, and further improve site safety and security. In addition, the high-performance LED lighting can provide major benefits to end-users, with their lower power consumption, reduced maintenance requirements (no bulbs to change), and longer design lifespan.

GJD Iluminar’s Street Light Series LED Illuminators can create safer environments for pedestrians and workers when deployed on pavements, roadways compounds or car parks. Allied to significant energy savings for the end-user, their attractive compact design and 140 degree light distribution makes them ideal for new or retrospective installation, to replace existing sodium/mercury lamps.

Supported with a wealth of guides covering specification, technical specs and applications, the GJD iluminar range of lighting products can provide an Infrared or white light solution for any CCTV application.

“All GJD iluminar IR and White light LED lighting products provide savings on running and maintenance costs when compared to traditional bulb based illuminators,” says Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s Managing Director. “As well as maximising the performance of surveillance cameras for night-time viewing, the GJD iluminar range feature a built-in photocell on the unit itself, to facilitate the automatic switching of individual lights. This saves more energy, reflects on long-term cost of ownership and maximises system performance.”


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