Ginsbury announces support for Unigraf DisplayPort test equipment

Unigraf DisplayPort Testing SuiteDisplay specialist Ginsbury has announced the availability of DisplayPort display interface test equipment from Unigraf, the Finland based video test equipment supplier.

The Unigraf product range includes a suite of tools for DisplayPort interface testing from the early chip design phase to production line testing of the final product. All Unigraf tools feature a graphical user interface and a software interface for creating a fully featured, automated testing environment.

Unigraf’s products for engineering and production line testing provide a unique flexibility in a very compact and affordable format. All Unigraf test equipment feature a PC based user interface laid out with user friendly functions and task orientated dialogs. This design approach means the user does not need to learn cryptic key combinations or review the results in tiny on-device displays. The software application interface enables the implementation of the same function as the GUI. This enables the test application designer to have the functions that are in the GUI available as part of his own system.

Neville Milward, Director, Ginsbury said, “Unigraf test equipment is proving very popular with all major designers and manufacturers of DisplayPort interface related products. Many users appreciate the benefits of a lightweight, compact design and a PC user interface that is visually clear and easy to use. ”

Juha Saarinen, Marketing Director, Unigraf commented, “Unigraf have invested heavily in the development of test equipment to support the DisplayPort interface and have launched a number of products for testing DisplayPort Link Layer and HDCP protocol. DisplayPort has been developed by VESA and unlike HDMI is free with no royalty fee required. An increasing number of monitor and computer manufacturers are beginning to introduce DisplayPort to their product ranges. Over the last twelve months, the number of certified DisplayPort products has increased by 80 percent. In the first few months of 2013, we have already seen many vendors bring DisplayPort only products to market. ”

Unigraf is the only supplier whose test equipment has been certified for use in authorised test centres both for testing Link Layer and HDCP compliance for DisplayPort Sink and Source devices. This is particularly important in Compliance testing tools where trustworthiness is a key issue.

Leading suppliers of DisplayPort connected Sink and Source devices are utilizing Unigraf ’s knowledge in testing their products. All Unigraf DisplayPort tools are compatible with DPv1.1b. The AUX-Channel monitor, DPA-400 1.2, is already compatible with DPv1.2. Unigraf will shortly be launching a HBR2 and MST compatible test equipment, a Reference Sink called DPR-120.


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