Gigamon Unveils Visibility App for Splunk Enterprise

Gigamon: Automated Visibility for Software Data Centres

Gigamon Unveils Visibility App for Splunk Enterprise

Gigamon Inc. (NYSE: GIMO), the leader in traffic visibility solutions, announced the release of its new Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk, which provides Visibility Fabric health and analytics, as well as visibility and troubleshooting of Gigamon infrastructure within a Splunk environment.

Complementing this, the company launched a new application for GigaVUE-FM, “FabricVUE Traffic Analyser,” which provides fabric-centric traffic visualisation that helps identify top conversations, applications and network traffic end-points.

Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk allows a Splunk Enterprise administrator to collect, store, visualise, and analyse Gigamon Visibility Fabric related data. By allowing the Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk app to access a Visibility Fabric, an administrator can have full visibility and reporting across the entire Gigamon environment.

Splunk Software enables automated searches that collect and store aggregated network statistics data from ports and maps within the environment. The map explorer helps an administrator to visualise the relationships within their environment.

“Network complexity is fundamentally changing the way we see, react and respond to network traffic,” said Emilio Umeoka, vice president of worldwide partners, Splunk. “Having a Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk helps ensure that IT operations get deeper insights across their Gigamon environment for increased security and operational performance of their networks.”

“IT silos are breaking down. The historic separation between NetOps and SecOps continues to disappear as both teams work together to ensure network performance, high availability and strong security,” said Dan Conde, Analyst at ESG. “The Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk is an excellent example of technologies that help bridge the NetOps and SecOps divide.”

Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk
Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk enables granular operational insights from Gigamon networking infrastructure. Key benefits include:
• First level visibility and troubleshooting of Gigamon infrastructure within Splunk;
• Visibility Fabric health and analytics dashboards, including port and traffic policies health and metrics;
• Track Visibility Fabric user operations for audit and compliance purposes;
• Pre-integration with GigaVUE-FM 3.1 using REST APIs; and
• Approved and available for free from Splunkbase

“Operational visibility is becoming increasingly necessary in order to maintain operational performance and maximum security,”

said Ananda Rajagopal, vice president of product line management at Gigamon.

“By leveraging Splunk solutions, our customers gain new insights and seamless capabilities that give them an optimal and actionable view of their network traffic.”

FabricVUE Traffic Analyser – The Case for Fabric-Centric Visualisation

Several challenges facing IT operations management revolve around the number of tools to manage identification of the top talkers in the network, and how to monitor traffic that occurs outside of tool reach. Addressing this, Gigamon today launched FabricVUE Traffic Analyser. This new, GigaVUE-FM license-based application sources IPFIX/Netflow records and uses GigaSMART traffic intelligence to analyse traffic sent, as well as excluded from tools in order to give IT operations greater visualisation of their network traffic. By doing so, this reduces mean time to resolution while giving IT operations increased visibility and control over their Visibility Fabric.

Both the Gigamon Visibility App for Splunk and GigaVUE Traffic Analyser are available now from authorised Gigamon channel partners worldwide.

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