Gigamon and Endace collaborate to clean network traffic


Endace and Gigamon have announced a technology partnership designed to improve transparency of network traffic. Endace has a background in high speed network recording, traffic playback and analytics. Conversely, Gigamon aids the convergence of network and security operations. The two have joined forces in a combined effort to clean up network congestion.

The partnership brings together the EndaceProbe Analytics Platform and the GigaSecure Security Delivery Platform to try and provide the visibility required to quickly respond to security threats and network performance issues.

This new technology is meant to be able to bypass the traditional problems of cyber threats, breaches and more general network issues. The basic idea is that this will speed up the response process – something which is becoming challenging as threat actors are managing to mask these malicious activities.

The proposed solution is intended to enable filtering, load balancing and decryption of encrypted traffic to try and protect from these cyber threats by linking the GigaSecure platform with the Endace probes. By combining these components customers are meant to be able to record on all segments of their network and decrypt traffic before it is delivered and recorded by hosted analytics applications.

Stuart Wilson, CEO of Endace said that: “With the partnership, customers have access to a highly scalable solution that delivers the definitive evidence they need to rapidly and accurately investigate and resolve issues.”

Phil Griston, Senior Director of Partner Marketing and Development at Gigamon believes that using this system customers, “can direct traffic with absolute precision to the platforms on their network for analysis and recording.”


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