Geutebruck launches the new G-Scope/1000 series

Some projects seem to ask the impossible, they demand high performance video systems but lack space for the hardware. – However, now there’s the Geutebruck G-Scope/1000 series of high performance NVRs with enhanced temperature stability and compact, 302 x 250 mm x 2HU cases.  Equipped with a 1TB database and ideal for building into ATMs or fitting in confined spaces, these also provide an attractively priced option for retail outlets and other monitoring operations with just a few video cameras.  The G-Scope/1044 processes up to 4 analog and 2 IP video sources at once, while its pure IP equivalent, the G-Scope/1006 supports up to 6 IP inputs.

Despite diminutive dimensions, G-Scope/1000 models boast the traditional Geutebruck performance and functionality and punch well above their weight.  For more information visit

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