Geutebruck introduces ‘+’ generation video platforms

Geutebruck GeViScope-HS+
Geutebruck GeViScope-HS+

Geutebruck GeViScope-HS+

Geutebruck’s new ‘+’ generation of business enterprise systems use omnibrid technology to support all current compression algorithms and standards – H.264, H264CCTV, MPEG4CCTV, M JPEG and ONVIF compliance – as well as audio recording, for analog and IP cameras.  With the latest Windows 7 embedded operating system, and many new features in the GSCView display software, this new generation of acclaimed GeViScope and re_porter products offers intuitive user interfaces, additional functionality and full compatibility with existing systems.

Owing to its flexible and sophisticated client/server architecture and the variety of integrated video analysis options, this ‘+’ generation offers solutions for every need – from a simple video security application for a high street bank, to highly complex networked digital matrix systems for prisons and government sites.  For high security environments, customized modular server solutions using GeViScope management software offer digital video recording with up to 99.9% availability.  For efficient system load balancing, computing-intensive video analysis processes can be transferred to external high performance platforms without any effect on recording or live-viewing.  And, in addition, this generation’s ability to transcode M-JPEG streams from IP cameras into MPEG4CCTV or MPEG4CCTV/MP (megapixel) CCTV-optimized formats gives you access to processes like dual channel streaming (DCS) and dynamic live streaming (DLS) which deliver large storage and network savings.

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