Geutebruck G-Cam/E cameras for ‘quicker, cheaper and safer’ installations

geutebruck-efd2250Digital CCTV security system provider Geutebruck has unveiled its new G-Cam/E range of HD cameras it claims are designed to cut installation costs.

There are box, bullet, fixed dome and PTZ dome models for all types of professional monitoring applications, for indoors or out, with or without one-click AF. All have 1/2.7” CMOS image sensors, support H.264 and MJPEG, offer HD1080P resolution and day/night operation with removable cut filters for optimum light sensitivity and colour reproduction.

Not only are these cameras simple to install, but you can set them up without taking your laptop up the ladder. After drilling holes and mounting a G-Cam/E series camera, you just plug a tiny pocket-sized service screen into its analog output and set the viewing angle. Then you can close the housing and adjourn to the relative comfort of a workstation or control room. There you assign the IP address, take advantage of the remote-controlled motorized lens to adjust the image quality, and run the Geutebruck video system’s CamCheck feature to create a reference image from each camera. This image not only lets you document the installation for approval purposes, but also in the longer term, facilitates quality control checks and system quality certification. Questions like: Has the field of view remained constant? Are the lens and housing window clean? Has vegetation grown to obscure the view? – are all easy to answer when you have a definitive reference.


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