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3 simple steps to success with apprenticeships 

First advertise your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Portal. Then receive up to £1500 towards training costs from the Government and finally employ your chosen Apprentice from just 8K per year.

In the first year your Apprentice will be a useful, enthusiastic and cost effective extra pair of hands. Their presence will also refresh the existing team. In the second year your Apprentice’s skills will be more developed and moulded to the exact requirements of your business. Their increased confidence also means they will share new ideas and approaches. In the third year your Apprentice will flourish and be a valuable member of the team. They will embrace industry changes, adapt their expertise to new technology and show signs of becoming a potential future leader in your business.

The 100 in 100 campaign, now in its fourth year, challenges the industry to place 100 new apprentices in the 100 days leading up to the Security Excellence Awards.

The campaign continues to go from strength to strength – even receiving praise from Number 10! Prime Minister David Cameron wrote a personal letter to the organisers of the campaign, explaining that “apprenticeships are an important way of giving young people the chance to reach their potential, giving them what it takes to get a good job and helping them to secure finances in the year ahead”. He went on to congratulate the campaign “for attracting over 1,500 apprentices in 2013”.

In its inaugural year 100 in 100 caught the eye of the national press and was endorsed by The Daily Telegraph who cited the Security Sector as a “booming marketplace with bright prospects, excellent retention rates and good prospects”. The initiative captured the attention of the British Government which led to a roundtable at Westminster with Skills Minister Matthew Hancock.

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