Germany’s highest control room relies on eyevis

Germany’s highest control room relies on eyevis

Germany’s highest control room relies on eyevis

BR service headquarters Wendelstein monitors station networks with latest HD LCD displays and a controller server by eyevis

It can only be reached by cog railway or cable car – Germany’s highest TV control centre. Situated at an altitude of a good 1800 metres on the Wendelstein in the Bavarian Alps, it has served Bayerischer Rundfunk BR for monitoring its station networks since more than 60 years. Not only the channel distribution of the television and radio broadcaster is controlled and managed here, but also the transmission quality of the image is monitored. The Wendelstein, with its multishift operation around the clock and on seven days a week, is the highest situated workplace in German TV.

In order to be able to assess the quality of the transmitted images in the age of HD TV, the control station Wendelstein is equipped with a video wall composed of six high-quality LCD displays and a controller system by eyevis. The video wall consists of a bottom row of three 58-inch Ultra-HD LCDs type EYE-LCD-QHD, which via external eyevis Processing Units display the software images of the broadcasting operation. The upper row of the video wall, where the actual TV images are displayed, consists of three Full-HD EYE-LCD-LE-700 displays with a diagonal of 55 inch and a high luminosity of 700 cd/m2.

High resolution and Multiview
In combination with an eyecon Control Server for multi-user operation and the video wall management software eyecon V5 Basic, the displays can be operated in Multiview mode and thus offer maximum flexibility. Thanks to their high resolution, the transmission signals as well as the channels of distribution displayed via software are pin sharp. This is where Reinhard Bäz, who oversees the project on behalf of the system supplier Videocation, sees the most important advantages of the new facility:

“The graphical presentation of the entire network is displayed in an ideal and legible way und can be configured individually on the video wall, according to the requirements of different work places. And an optimal assessment of the TV programmes is also possible thanks to these brilliant high-resolution displays.”

In a constant state of flux
The choice to go with eyevis, according to Reinhard Bäz, was driven by the reputation of their displays and control software as technological leaders in the field of control rooms and broadcasting. Ultimately the project was not only about creating a basis for all of today’s challenges, but also about laying the foundation for the infrastructure for future changes. In this control room’s 60 years of existence, after all, BR has experienced more than once that there are and always will be new technological developments.

At the very beginning of the renovation, the extraordinary location initially created quite some trouble of its own. Another comment by Reinhard Bäz:

“We had to delay the delivery and installation by two days. The original date was no longer feasible – the cable car was not allowed to operate due to a storm.”

This, by the way, did not affect the acceptance date, which could take place as scheduled despite the initial delays.

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