Geoquip provides fully integrated 360 Vision camera solutions

Geoquip provides fully integrated 360 Vision camera solutions

Geoquip provides fully integrated 360 Vision camera solutions

CCTV design and manufacturing company, 360 Vision Technology, has announced that in partnership with technical partner, Geoquip Worldwide, their complete range of high-performance IP, HD, thermal and radar cameras are now fully integrated into the GeoLog Vision VMS.

A recognised leader in the design, development and manufacture of electronic physical perimeter intrusion detection systems, Geoquip has an enviable reputation as a total security systems provider, with thousands of customers across a broad range of applications worldwide. At the heart of many of those turnkey security and CCTV applications, is Geoquip’s VMS site management software, GeoLog Vision – which now supports total integration to 360 Vision Technology’s extensive range of popular surveillance cameras.

Featuring full redundancy capability, distributed workstation architecture, a simple operator interface and the latest analytic software, GeoLog can be provided as a ready to go ‘off the shelf’ software product, or tailored to provide bespoke functionality for any individual installation, no matter what the size or complexity.

GeoLog’s encrypted software ensures secure control with any 3rd party system, including CCTV, fire, access control or intruder detection. Thanks to a long-term ‘open’ technical partnership with 360 Vision and the use of their SDK codec, any 360 Vision camera can be easily connected to a GeoLog VMS and fully operational within minutes. This reduces installation time to a minimum and ensures comprehensive control of the extensive functionality available on 360 Vision cameras.

Ideally suited to employment within gas, oil, petrochemical plants and nuclear power stations, GeoLog installations with integrated 360 Vision cameras can be found across a multitude of installations across EMEA. Supremely capable, GeoLog is not only proficient as an effective security tool but also as an aid to facility management, where it can support both security and site maintenance teams. Whilst the vast majority of installations do not constantly experience security threats on a 24/7 basis, GeoLog is equipped to defend against them. The majority of the time, GeoLog is employed to support the efficient use of site manpower via video content alarm software that can be assigned to different tasks and departments, such as maintenance or health & safety.

Assisting site management, 360 Vision thermal cameras can be integrated, employing pre-set tours to identify persons straying into restricted areas, or abnormal heat spot generation on processing machinery, where an automatic alarm would be generated to alert operators to take action. In many instances, alarms can be responded to by an Unarmed Vehicle Search – i.e. to attend to overheating valves in petrochemical process equipment or overheating carbon cable wraps at gas and electricity generating stations.

“Our partnership with 360 Vision has proved a great asset when designing and providing total perimeter protection systems or border surveillance applications,” says Tony Sinden, Export Sales Manager at Geoquip Worldwide. “We proactively demonstrate a range of 360 Vision cameras at our resource centre, where customers are able to experience and evaluate totally integrated system solutions in action, greatly assisting them to make an informed choice for their own installations.

“360 Vision are a complimentary premium provider who work closely with us to ensure our end-user customers are provided with a complete ‘Geoquip Accredited’ solution – guaranteed to perform under the harshest of operating conditions.”

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