Genie offers the ‘lowdown’ on biometric readers

Genie CCTV - Virdi access control
Genie CCTV - Virdi access control

Genie CCTV – Virdi access control

Many people working in the more traditional areas of the security industry often shy away from extending the scope of their business, despite the opportunity to introduce new potential revenue streams.


However, more and more companies now acknowledge the importance of diversifying their business by offering a wider range of security solutions such as CCTV and the latest in access control technology – Biometrics.

Biometric readers are increasingly in demand at points of entry where security is paramount and where standard, traditional forms of security are simply not enough. Alongside security considerations, biometrics are increasingly utilised as a means of implementing time and attendance recording. It therefore makes sense for locksmiths to invest a little time in investigating this technology as a potential source of income as well as considering CCTV as a bolt-on service to their existing portfolio.

As always though, caution is needed on choosing which system to work with.

Richard Berry, Export Sales Manager at Genie CCTV explained: “It is not surprising that some people are put off getting involved with biometrics, because it can be a minefield as a result of poor quality, ineffective products coming in from the Far East.

“Those investing in such products – which are not always the cheap option – may well believe that they are not going to end up being compromised on security, but often that is not the case. Sadly, they are putting their trust in products that are weak, inadequate and easily manipulated by criminal elements. Not many people understand the technology enough to make informed choices.

“We are different. What we aim to do with our products is to make sure that they meet a very high standard with some unique features that cannot be ‘spoofed’ by the man in the street. We don’t claim that they are unbeatable, because it is hard for any security product to live up to that, but we are working hard to get to that stage.

“Basically, it all comes down to sensor technology – the device that looks at the fingerprint,” Richard explained. Our patented system uses no less than five different levels of spoof detection to prevent, for example,’ false fingerprinting’ that is so easy to replicate on many inferior systems.

“But despite this sophistication and all the research and development that went into it – and continues to do so – we remain very competitive on prices. We may never be the cheapest system but we are certainly way ahead of most.”

Genie’s  IP65 VIRDI AC5000 SC PoE Biometric Reader was a finalist in this year’s IFSEC Awards.

Locksmiths need have no qualms about taking on this new learning curve, because Genie provides demonstrations and expert training at its premises in the UK – as well as excellent technical backup and support.

“We like to offer guidance to our customers to help give them the knowledge and the confidence to succeed in a new enterprise,” Richard said. “This philosophy applies across our whole range of products.”

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