Genetec claims video surveillance as a service has come of age with Stratocast

stratocast-logoGenetec is aiming Stratocast, its new easy-to-use video surveillance as a service solution, at a new target market and is hoping simplicity and style can make it a huge success.

Stratocast is aimed at small-to-medium-sized enterprises and utilises Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud-computing platform to make the process as quick and efficient as possible.

The cloud-based solution means users don’t need servers, storage, or cooling – eliminating the need for moving parts that can break. It is designed as an entry-level simple recording solution that is simple to deploy and easy to use through a web interface.

Christian Morin, director of the Stratocast product group at Genetec, told SecurityNewsDesk the development of the product is part of a growth strategy, leveraging the cloud platform as a delivery mechanism to enter a market Genetec has not traditionally focused on.

“Stratocast is really targeted at a very different market and the main driver is to simplify delivery of our solutions to the market,” said Morin. “We want to be able to allow our partners to bring these solutions to the end customers in a very simple fashion.

“We want them to be in a customer’s site and out of there as quick as possible and as efficiently as possible so that the customer can start benefiting from the solution very rapidly.

“And we have also invested very heavily in the overall user experience so that the end user can very easily do his job and not have to worry about the underlying technology.”

While Stratocast is initially targeted at the mid-market, there are also opportunities for the solution to be integrated within Genetec’s Security Centre, with the platform connecting a large number of Stratocast locations.

Large enterprise customers with several sites, or retailers with hundreds or thousands of small locations, can utilise Stratocast to extend the reach of their system without the need for deploying large IT systems in smaller branches.

GenetecThe solution offers differing recording mechanisms to ensure organisations don’t suffer from bandwidth issues. Rather than just sending video to the cloud 24/7, firms can benefit from leveraging edge storage through what Genetec calls ‘video trickling’. Video is recorded directly on a camera’s media with only event-based recordings sent to the cloud. This allows businesses to utilise both cloud storage and edge storage without taxing their internet connection to its limit.

Genetec has worked hard on developing the interfaces seen by both end users and system integrators to keep it stylish, while also ensuring simple functionality when it comes to aspects such as adding cameras and troubleshooting.

“We’ve spent tremendous amount of energy and effort on the user experience and the look and feel,” Morin added. “We felt that with the consumerisation of IT, the fact most people have smartphones and are used to good looking apps, then why can’t business apps be good looking too? More often than not they are very archaic, very old, very ugly, and not very user friendly or intuitive.

“It was important for us that Stratocast be very user friendly, very intuitive and very sexy looking.”

Morin explained there has been great attention since the beta launched in January and interest from resellers in the Stratocast solution has been “above expectations”. Stratocast is officially being launched to the market in the first week of June. Its global launch was held at ISC West and the European launch is scheduled for IFSEC.

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