Genesis wireless Transmitter Modules convert any third-party detectors to wireless operation

luminiteThe LGTX434 wireless Transmitter Module, from Luminite, converts third-party active IR beams, door contacts and other alarm devices to wireless operation. By removing the need for hard-wiring, the Transmitter Module makes installation quick and simple, with control by Luminite’s Genesis detector system.

“The Transmitter Module simplifies and speeds up installation times by using wireless communication,” explains Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite. “Detectors and alarm products can be positioned for optimal detection performance, because they don’t require civil works for installation. Only 3 volt or 12 volt power is needed. 12 volts is for when an external power source is used and 3 volts is for when batteries are used. Battery life depends on battery capacity, but is often 2 years or more.”


The LGTX434 wireless Transmitter Module, from Luminite

Up to 64 Transmitter Modules and PIRs can be used in a single wireless system, communicating with a Masthead receiver up to 1Km away. The Masthead is connected by RS232 or Ethernet to a CCTV system.

Critical alarm and tamper data, such as intrusion and anti-shock, can be configured to raise audible alarms and an operator response. Non-critical alerts, like low battery strength and weak wireless signal can trigger a routine maintenance visit. The Masthead receiver can also be set to “Follow On Alarm” mode, remaining alarmed until the alarm circuit is closed.

Multiple Transmitter Module alarms can be mapped to individual video channels, enhancing CCTV system capability and every few seconds an electronic “health-check” verifies the transmitter is operating correctly.

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