Genesis wireless PIR detector systems integrate with Panasonic’s CCTV equipment

Luminite: Genesis wireless PIR detector system
Luminite: Genesis wireless PIR detector system

Luminite: Genesis wireless PIR detector system

Genesis wireless PIR detector systems, from UK-based manufacturer Luminite, now have complete SDK integration with Panasonic recording and control equipment.

A Genesis wireless PIR system can comprise up to 64 PIR detectors connected to an IP Masthead receiver using RF wireless communications, from up to 1km away. Genesis PIRs can be triggered by 8 different types of site events, including detection (of an intruder), tamper, cloak, shock, battery low, missing (detector), Masthead tamper and Masthead jamming. The Panasonic CCTV equipment now has remote access to the Genesis IP Masthead for configuring and managing PIR events. Each can be mapped to one or more video channels within the Panasonic CCTV system and the response to each specified.

“A simple, Windows-style, graphic user interface makes linking events and subsequent system actions extremely straight forward to set up”, states Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite. “A detection or tamper event can be configured to raise site alarms and sirens, for example, whilst a low battery event can be configured to request a routine maintenance visit. Key holders, operators and installers can be notified of any combination of events by email, if required. PIR system intelligence of this type significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of CCTV systems.”

Battery power and wireless communications are proven to be robust and reliable in PIR applications. It means no wiring is required between the PIR detectors and the IP Masthead. This not only makes Genesis wireless PIRs quick to install but also allows them to be easily placed on a site perimeter looking inwards, as no civil work is required to fit them. Perimeter mounting is critical to reducing detection “overspill” and false alarms.




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