Genesis PIR detection systems from Luminite meet German quality requirements

Luminite, the UK-based manufacturer of Genesis PIR detection systems, is pleased to announce supply agreements with German security distributor Secplan GmbH and German IT reseller OFM-Netzwerk & Systemtechnik GmbH. The move looks set to open up the German security and IT markets for Luminite, with comprehensive, “manufacturer level”, technical support provided in Germany by OFM.

The supply agreements come after months of product testing by OFM. Luminite’s Genesis wireless PIRs were not only the top performer, but also the most reliable ones in comparison tests with many other leading PIR brands.

“Genesis PIR systems had the fewest false alarms”, explains Graham Creek, managing director of Luminite. “We demonstrated consistent intrusion detection, right up to the extents of the PIR’s range. Foliage movement did not cause false alarms, unlike for many other PIRs. Yet a hidden intruder, emerging from foliage, was detected – such is the quality of our system.”

The long-range, radio-communications used for the wireless connection between the PIRs and the Masthead Receiver out-performed competitors for both range and signal strength. Range can be extended further using Repeaters.

Graham again, “The IP Masthead, our network solution, was integrated into Mobotics security control equipment, OFM’s preferred supplier. This enables remote Genesis configuration. Email notification of PIR alarms and maintenance alerts, such as low battery strength, are enabled by the IP Masthead, even without this level of SDK integration. Very cleverly, we were also able to link PIR alarms and Video Analytics motion detection in an “and” gate format, where activation only occurs when both systems trigger – increasing reliability still further.”

The Genesis system allows multiple PIR detectors to be mapped to each video channel in a CCTV system and an electronic “health-check” tests each PIR is working correctly, every few seconds. Up to 64 PIRs can be set-up in each wireless system at up to 1km away from the IP Masthead transceiver.


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