Luminite Genesis 2 wireless PIR detectors can spot intruders at 60 metres

Luminite-Genesis-2Luminite Electronics has unveiled its new Genesis 2 wireless PIR detector range, which utilises black mirror optics to increase detection range and accuracy to detect intruders at distances of 60 metres.

The high-gain black mirrors reflect an intruder’s body heat onto quad inline pyro-sensors, only raising an alarm if all the sensors activate, which reduces false alarms.

“The Genesis 2 black mirror optics will accurately detect intruders at over 60m, even when facing directly into the sun and regardless of target speed,” explains Graham Creek, MD at Luminite.

“Mirrors give sharp edges to the reflected IR beams, providing the micro controller with accurate information to determine an alarm. Our unique adaptive zoom focal length feature, enabled by the mirrors, means the PIRs sense evenly over their entire detection range. Irrespective of a target’s distance away, motion or speed, the Genesis 2 will correctly distinguish between a human and an animal, even if they are running. Black mirrors also filter out unwanted light, such as glare from car headlights and the white light elements in reflected sun light, reducing false alarms still further. Temperature compensation enables full detection at 38°C.”

The Genesis 2 is a professional, high-quality, well-engineered, PIR detector. Its case is IP 65 rated and made from tough, weather-proof ABS. It has front access for easy, on-site fitting and adjustment. It can even be set up to look directly down or along a wall.

The PIRs are available in wired or wireless variants, for installation flexibility. The wireless variant uses robust radio communications to enable up to 64 PIRs within each Genesis 2 system to communicate with a Masthead transceiver. The wireless communication’s range is typically 1km, essential for industrial areas and large expanses of open ground. Genesis 2 is compatible with Genesis 1.

Battery life is up to 2 years using standard Alkaline cells, depending on settings and location. Lithium cells extend battery life further. The Genesis 2 can also take power from a 12v PSU, instead of batteries, if preferred.


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