Gallagher unleashes a new generation of possibilities

Gallagher unleashes a new generation of possibilities

Gallagher unleashes a new generation of possibilities

Leading security technology manufacturer, Gallagher, has released their latest products and updates to the global security market. The release includes Command Centre v7.40, an update to the company’s renowned security management platform, the all new Mobile Reader, and the F3 Series Fence Controllers.

The new generation of products are designed to enhance the customer experience by improving organisational efficiency, automating manual interactions and streamlining processes such as visitor management and perimeter alarms management.

“We have taken our mobile solution a step further by enabling guards to be more mobile while maintaining complete visibility over a site. Creating value for our customers is core to what we do here at Gallagher and our latest releases again deliver on this promise,” says Steve Bell, Chief Technology Officer – Security.

“The new series of fence controllers again shows our commitment and investment to the innovation we incorporate into all aspects of our product development. From the technology and functionality through to the aesthetics, our customers know they are receiving a product that has had every aspect carefully crafted,” says Bell.

Further details about Gallagher’s latest products:

Command Centre v7.40 boasts features designed to improve operational efficiency while enhancing the user experience. The introduction of a barcode scanner integration for the Gallagher Visitor Management Client and Kiosk significantly speeds up the entry and exit process for visitors to site. Other enhancements to the Visitor Management suite include customisable branding on the kiosk, and further automation of host interactions saving the host time. Gallagher’s T20 Card +PIN Terminals will also receive a software upgrade with the release of v7.40 enabling the management of perimeter alarms as well the ability to perform overrides and conduct maintenance and repairs on the fence line.

Gallagher’s new Mobile Reader extends security across your site and beyond the door by giving guards the freedom to search cardholder’s details and access privileges without returning to a workstation. The Gallagher Mobile Reader is designed to work with all the latest Apple devices operating on iOS 8 or iOS 9.

The F3 Series of fence controllers deliver high-performance electric fence management suited to any environment and are available with stand-alone and networked capabilities. The flexibility of the design allows the controllers to be installed in either portrait or landscape orientations while the information offered by the LED icon panel on the front of the controller allows technicians to quickly and easily identify the cause of an alarm, check the fence status and view voltage output. The addition of a Magnetic Key (included with each controller) allows operators to perform common functions simply such as clearing historic alarms.

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