Gallagher sets out the future of perimeter security technology

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 16.30.52Perimeter protection has long been used as a simple deterrent against those attempting to gain unauthorised entrance to a premise. However, as the global security landscape evolves to include new and increasingly pervasive threats, the need for sound perimeter systems to form part of an organisation ’s wider security strategy has similarly grown.

Advancing this debate during a workshop at Counter Terror Expo, the internationally-established experts in security systems technology, Gallagher, briefed the industry on the critical part that perimeter security plays in meeting the challenges of an evolving security landscape.

Recent upgrades to physical security systems have offered comprehensive integration into organisations ’ IT infrastructure, enabling the sharing of relevant data such as employee details, alarms and status information.

Addressing the workshop, a Gallagher representative explained how the next phase of this evolution allows security systems to be fully embedded in a business ’ operational process.

Synchronising an organisation’s complete business unit, the next generation of security technology will help enforce company policies across the board. This technology will, for example, profile specific locations, detailing the skills and competencies required for each, analyse disruptions that occur in different parts of the organisation and identify possible links which could equate to serious risk or threat, and also raise alarms when business processes are subverted.

Gallagher perimeter systems not only offer a deterrent to would-be attackers, but also feature perimeter security as part of the wider integrated security strategy, forming the first and critical physical point of access to an organisation’s site.

The development of identity management tools is therefore also a key factor in the future of physical security and, outlining these trends, Gallagher’s presentation described how the next generation of systems demand greater certainty of an individual’s identity, increasingly incorporating biometric verification and background checks into the process. Once this information is extracted, identity stores can be kept on a cloud-based system for future reference.

Combining the company’s extensive knowledge of the security market, its expertise in secure data management and systems integration, and the support of its certified channel partners, Gallagher offers a complete a complete suite of innovative security solutions that can be fully integrated and securely managed.

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