FUSION-Core-Solar Final Release


Meyertech, the leading British developer of ONVIF VMS has today announced the release of the final update of FUSION-Core-Solar.

Providing increased ONVIF interoperability and integration of 3rd party vendor products it offers users of FUSION-Core-Solar VMS a simple and cost effective way to update their CCTV system for only GBP 195 per workstation.

Meyertech Certified Partners on Buffet* or Gourmet menu support can acquire the update free of charge.

Systems integrators and installers who are not Meyertech Partners but which have a current Take-Out or Picnic menu support can access the update using support menu snacks.

All other users of FUSION-Core-Solar VMS should contact their service provider or Meyertech sales.

Meyertech Sales
Tel: +44 (0) 161 643 7956
Email: sales@meyertech.co.uk

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