Fujinon introduces the HD Telephoto Zoom series

The Telezoom D60x16.7SR4DE lens series from Fujifilm features 2 megapixel resolution and 60x optical zoom.

The lenses are designed for 1/1.8″ sensors (or smaller) and cover a focal length range of f = 16.7 ~ 1000 mm. Thanks to the build-in 2x extender the focal length can be doubled and reaches up to a maximum focal length of f = 2000 mm. This combination of a long focal length with the high resolution of 2 megapixels make the D60x16.7SR4 lenses the perfect choice for long range surveillance applications that require extensive details in HD quality over a long distance, e.g. at airports, borders or harbours.

Further features are the fast Fstop, auto iris by DC-signal or remote iris as well as build-in potentiometers offering preset function for a precise lens control. Equipped with Fujinon´s “Day&Night technology” surveillance with sharp and high-quality images by day and night is possible without focus shift when switching between day and night mode.

A remote controllable built-in visible light cut filter (“fog-filter”) gives advantages in critical weather conditions such as fog and rain.
Additional features are available:

– Built-in optical image stabilization to minimize image vibration even at long focal lengths

– Autofocus function for accurate and reliable focusing

– Precise lens control by PC via RS232C interface



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