Fujinon’s new HD CCTV zoom lens available from Pyser-SGI

Fujinon HD telephoto CCTV zoom lens
Fujinon HD telephoto CCTV zoom lens

Fujinon HD telephoto CCTV zoom lens

Available from UK/Ireland distributor Pyser-SGI Limited early in 2012 are two new versions of the Fujinon D60x16.7SR4 Series high resolution, long range CCTV HD zoom lenses.

Designed to meet the most up to date, extreme long range surveillance needs of law enforcement organisations and security professionals – day and night around the clock – the new full-featured D60x16.7SR4 Series lenses are also attracting interest and finding applications not only in watching wildlife but also broadcast-type assignments.

The new Fujinon D60x16.7 CCTV zoom captures clear, sharp long distances images for security identification and other applications.

The two new additions to the D60x16.7SR4 Series are the D60x16.7SR4DE-ZP1A and the D60x16.7SR4FE-ZP1C lenses.

The ZP1A model features Fujinon’s Auto Focus for easy and sharp focusing even when zooming (with analogue camera); advanced lens control from a PC; and full DC servo for smooth zoom movement and accurate positioning. The ZP1C version offers all the features of the ZP1A plus Fujinon’s OS-TECH optical stabilisation system, which compensates for any image vibration to provide stable pictures even at extreme telephoto range.

Available on all versions
All D60x16.7SR4 Series lenses support 2 million pixel, 1/2 inch format C mount high resolution HD cameras, and feature a built-in 2x range extender for extreme long distance viewing. A four position remote controllable filter system provides Clear, ND1, ND2 and Visible Cut (IR Pass) filter positions, and a remote iris override facility offers manual iris adjustment and automatic back focus tracking.

Lens focal length is from wide angle 16.7 mm to telephoto 1000 mm, increasing to an extreme 2000 mm with the 2x extender. Iris range is from a bright F3.5 to F16 (without extender).

More applications
Said Paul Goodwin, Pyser-SGI’s Divisional Head Broadcast and CCTV Products: “The new features of the Fujinon D60x16.7SR4 Series lenses, combined with the high magnification and optical performance, are certain to further broaden their range of applications beyond the security market. Only recently we received an order for use of the lens in a land based remote controlled camera installation in Scotland, designed for watching whales and dolphins out in the North Sea”.

Pyser-SGI Limited
Pyser-SGI Limited is UK/Ireland distributor of Fujinon CCTV and Machine Vision C & CS Mount lenses. The company has more than 35 years experience in the CCTV lens business and can offer comprehensive pre-sales technical advice and full after sales support.

The extensive Fujinon product range includes 1 inch, 2/3 inch, 1/2 inch and 1/3 inch lenses, including megapixel and standard resolution fixed and varifocal lenses as well as a wide range of zoom lenses for both the visible and near infra red spectra; plus long range telephoto lenses with high magnification for specialist long range surveillance applications.


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