From Passive to Active Video Surveillance – With the Intelligent Cameras from RIVA®

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riva videoPart 10/10: Home Security

The RIVA video analytics offers many benefits – it adapts to environmental changes, reduces storage capacity and avoids false alarms. Furthermore, it can be used in almost every vertical market due to many different video analytics filters. But the video analytics from RIVA differentiate itself from competitors especially because of two important characteristics: Simplicity and cost efficiency.

Due to an intuitive 3D graphic interface, RIVA´s video analytics can be set up and used easier than almost any other video analytics in the market. All configurations are performed by accessing the VCA section of the setup page. At first, zones and lines, which should be detected, can be set with a few simple clicks. These can be edited to any shape or size. Once detection zones and/or lines have been configured, it is possible to define detection rules that apply to them. For the defined zones/line the object presence rule is automatically activated. More analytics filters can be activated by checking the box next to it. The next step is the camera calibration. It is required to classify objects into different classes like persons, animals or vehicles. 3D mimics, that represent the dimensions of a person, are used for verifying the size of a person in the scene. For that, the mimics can be dragged to the correct size in comparison to any object in the current video image (for example a car). Furthermore, for all objects, which should be detected, sizes and speeds are defined. The most common object classes (persons, vehicles etc.) are already predefined. The horizon is displayed as a 3D grid and can also be modified by dragging it. Thus, the tilt angle can be set. Furthermore, a virtual ruler helps to measure distances along the ground plane to objects of known size such as road lane widths or car park space widths. After this process, the video analytics can detect objects and classify them based on their heights, areas and speeds and trigger a real-time alert when a defined event occurs. If individual settings go wrong, despite the easy handling, the process can be restarted by clicking just one button. Due to the very easy handling, the video analytics can be set up by people with limited technical background and is ready to use after a few minutes.

riva videoFurthermore, the video analytics from RIVA is one of the most cost efficient ones in the market, because the basic version, VCA Presence, is already integrated in all RIVA cameras and encoders as a standard feature at no extra costs. In some other cameras additional analytics packages are integrated free of charge. For example all RIVA speed dome cameras are equipped with the video analytics package VCA follow, which automatically tracks all detected objects. VCA detect is integrated in the RIVA thermal cameras and in the bullet camera RC6602HD for free. This module was designed especially for perimeter protection. Therefore, no other filters for this kind of application are necessary. Filters, which are needed in other vertical markets, can be purchased additionally at a very low price.


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