Free Master Keying Consultation


Abloy’s Master Keying system is the simplest solution to the sometimes complex requirements of key access, and the service that Abloy offers ranges from a full site visit to evaluate exact requirements, to designing the system- during which there will be frequent communication via phone and email. Abloy UK aims to simplify the process as much as possible and do the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Ultimately, the customer will end up with a schematic, outlining how their system will be designed, which keys will have access to which places on site and ensures key control through security of patented key cutting,

What sets Abloy’s Master Key system design service apart from others is the actual make-up of the Abloy lock itself.

The Abloy lock mechanism is virtually pick-proof, which gives customers and end-users alike a ‘peace of mind’ guarantee that their site is not only as secure as it could be but they also have an efficient Master Key system in place.


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