France’s High Court entrusts its access solutions to LOCKEN


LOCKEN has entered the Palais Royal… in other words, the seat of the country’s highest administrative jurisdiction, the equivalent of the British High Court, which owes its name of Council of State to its other role of advising the government on the drafting of legal texts. It is a complex institution, fulfilling multiple tasks, with ever more stringent demands due to the difficult security situation which has arisen in recent years.


However, the challenges for LOCKEN do not stop there. Because the Palais Royal is also a monument steeped in history, as its name indicates, a reminder of the time when the infant Louis XIV preferred it to the empty and freezing galleries of the nearby Louvre. New constraints and a new challenge for LOCKEN.


Let’s take a closer look at how the European leader of the electronic key market responded.


Firstly, through its easy installation. LOCKEN cylinders do not require any cable or adjustment of the doors, enabling the solution to seamlessly fit into the unique setting of the Palais Royal, without altering its character or the integrity of the doors and their fittings.


The LOCKEN solution also stands out for its ease of use. The cylinders installed in the Council of State can be opened with a single electronic key, which is assigned with specific access rights. When an authorised user inserts a key, it instantly transmits the information needed to open the lock.


The cornerstone of the LOCKEN solution lies in its software program, which permits precise access management. With its optimised architecture and graphic design, it offers a superior user experience and can accommodate new services.


The access rights management software makes it possible to restrict access to any part of the premises of the Council of State, and to limit the duration, in the case, for example, of a service provider turning up on a specific assignment.


The head of the Council of State’s security unit says: “With the LOCKEN solution, energy and intelligence are in the key. By eliminating the access incidents that we previously encountered with battery-powered electronic cylinders, we were able to reduce our maintenance interventions on the doors and refocus on the core of our mission, namely to make the approximately 2,500 daily accesses and 50,000 monthly accesses more fluid while strengthening security. The Council of State being established on 2 sites, its employees and service providers can move around on both using the same key; similarly, managers can consult the software program and set up access rights from either site. The installation in 2017 of the new LSA software program, which is more ergonomic with more advanced features, made our tasks even easier.”

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