Fotech launches DAS-based security management platform for smarter border surveillance and perimeter intrusion monitoring


In response to increased security threats to private and public assets, critical infrastructure, borders and perimeters increase, Fotech has launched a security management platform that allows for comprehensive monitoring of physical perimeters. Whether protecting against breaches or intrusions, illegal border crossings, terrorist or criminal activity, the platform simplifies the process of identifying and locating threats to perimeters and borders.

Based on the world’s most advanced fibre optic Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) technology, Fotech’s security management platform unifies a variety of state-of-the-art digital technologies, harnessing cutting-edge photonics, artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing to deliver comprehensive 24/7 monitoring for any border or perimeter.

Fotech’s DAS-based platform can detect, classify and inform on a range of threats, events and activities with confidence, enabling security teams to direct the resources at their disposal more efficiently and:
• Prevent criminal activity, malicious attacks or unwanted intrusions
• Detect and locate tunnelling and fence cutting activities at the earliest possible stage
• Equip patrol teams with the information needed to mount a rapid and effective response

Chris Shannon, CEO, Fotech Solutions, said: “Security teams and border agencies around the world cannot afford to stand still – the need to stay ahead of criminals and ever-changing threats is paramount. Our DAS-based security management platform makes it easier for operators to protect their assets than ever before.”

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