Former Pres. of Oncam Global claims video analytics could have prevented Boston bombings

The former president of Oncam Global, Dr James Ionson, has claimed that video analytics could have prevented the bombings by detecting the bombers before they struck.

In an interview with, he said that it’s frustrating to him that the technology exists to have prevented this beforehand, using cognitive systems that mimic the human brain.

And he added, the use of CCTV focuses too much on forensic analysis of events afterward and while it’s good news that the FBI is able to track the suspects down after the fact, he believes we need to invest in systems that would detect and prevent incidents like this beforehand.

Watch this video for a fuller explanation of his views and then let us know in the comments below what you think of his claims.

Another company has added their voice to the discussion. Face First CEO Joe Rosenkrantz was interviewed on Bloomberg TV and claimed that video analytics could be used to identify thousands of people from CCTV images against databases of known individuals.

This video was filmed from a television set and posted to Youtube by Face First.

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