Follow the new MOBOTIX Cactus Concept Cyber Protection Guide to optimally secure your video infrastructure

Cyber protection

MOBOTIX provide digital, high-resolution and network-based video security systems and have recently introduced the Cyber Protection Guide, a guideline now available for download that outlines how to configure MOBOTIX systems for maximum cyber security. MOBOTIX have released the Cyber Protection Guide to support their customers in light of the constantly increasing number of cyberattacks carried out against hardware and software through the Internet.


In order to access highly sensitive data, hackers primarily focus on the weakest links in a digital line of defense. Since video surveillance via an IP network has become a key component of modern building and perimeter protection, hackers have begun to focus on these types of video security systems, and are carrying out more and more attacks on them. MOBOTIX have always considered the unassailability of their purely IP-based systems to be of the utmost importance, so we have consistently taken this aspect into account during product development. This is why IT administrators now use the integrated and configuration tools as a standard into all MOBOTIX systems in order to ensure the greatest level of cyber security. Using these tools – alongside taking general security measures such as installing firewalls and carrying out network segmentation – minimizes the opportunities for hackers to attack the devices and user interfaces connected with MOBOTIX systems.


Our new Cyber Protection Guide describes how administrators can implement secure system configurations. It also contains all the configuration steps for the individual components (camera, VMS, NAS) that need to be taken into account in order to optimally protect an entire video infrastructure against third-party access. This guideline is available on the MOBOTIX website for download free of charge.


Cactus Concept For Increased Security

The Cyber Protection Guide is part of the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept, which enables the configuration of an end-to-end video system that is reliably protected against hacker attacks to the greatest possible extent. The Cactus Concept represents a holistic approach to protecting MOBOTIX products against the threat of hacker attacks and incorporates tools and information. The measures outlined in the guide provide customers and partners with targeted support in protecting their environments through video surveillance and access control over the long term.



All over the world sites are protected by using MOBOTIX IP video technology. It delivers absolute reliability even in the most challenging conditions. From Oil Rigs in the North Sea, to World Heritage Sites in remote deserts, whether it is helping scientists at an Arctic research centre or greeting climbers at the top of Mount Everest; MOBOTIX equipment is designed with no moving parts to provide the best overall return on investment. An extended operating lifetime is guaranteed and further enhanced by continual software upgrades.

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