FLIR launches new LS-Series thermal night vision camera

FLIR's LS-Series thermal night vision camera
FLIR's LS-Series thermal night vision camera

FLIR’s LS-Series thermal night vision camera

The new FLIR LS-Series thermal imaging camera gives every law enforcement officer the power to see clearly in total darkness. It gives law enforcement officers, security patrols and any other person that needs to see at night – without being seen himself, the information needed to make critical decisions, enhance mission effectiveness, maximize operational capabilities and improve safety.

The FLIR LS-Series are extremely affordable units. Price is no longer an issue, from now on; every law enforcement officer can be equipped with thermal night vision.

Crisp thermal images

The FLIR LS-Series are equipped with an uncooled, maintenance free, microbolometer detector. It delivers crisp thermal images in any day or night situation. The FLIR LS64 produces thermal images of 640 x 480 pixels. Users that do not need this high resolution can choose the LS32 which produces images of 320 x 240 pixels. All cameras are equipped with advanced internal camera software that delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments.

The FLIR LS32 comes with a 2x digital zoom, whilst the FLIR LS64 is equipped with a 2x, 4x digital zoom and continuous electronic zoom.

The FLIR LS64 is equipped with a 35 mm lens. It allows detecting human targets at a distance of no less than 1,080 meters. The FLIR LS32 is equipped with a 19 mm lens that allows detecting a human target at a distance of 640 m.

Image quality320 x 240 pixels640 x 480 pixels
Discrete digital zoom2x2x & 4x
Continuous electronic zoomNoYes
Range performance640 m1,080 m

Portable and rugged, ready for long missions
The FLIR LS-Series comes with long-life rechargeable Li-Ion batteries offering a typical operating time of 5 to 7 hours on a single load. Weighing 340 grams, batteries included, the FLIR LS-Series are extremely compact and extremely light systems. They are ideal for go-anywhere operations, in all circumstances. They are IP67 rated and operate between -20°C and +50°C.

Ergonomic and easy-to-use, FLIR LS-Series thermal imaging cameras are fully controlled with the buttons on top of the unit. Conveniently placed the buttons are all right underneath your fingertips.

Laser pointer
Both versions of the FLIR LS-Series come with an integrated laser to quickly and safely pinpoint suspects in the dark.

The unique InstAlert feature colours the hottest part of the scene in red, making it easy to spot suspects in the thermal image.

Thermal imaging versus image intensification
Image intensification, also referred to as I2 technology, amplifies small amounts of visible light thousands of times so that objects can be seen at night. Image intensification does require a certain level of ambient light, but even starlight can produce an image on a cloudless night.

Because the system requires at least a minimum level of ambient light, conditions such as heavy overcast can limit its effectiveness. Similarly, too much light may overwhelm the system and reduce its effectiveness.

Thermal imaging cameras like the FLIR LS-Series offer substantial benefits over image intensification. They work by detecting the heat energy being radiated and need no light at all to produce a clear image in the darkest environments. Thermal imaging cameras are not affected by the amount of light so that you will not be blinded when looking at a light source.



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