FLIR distributor CCTV Center adds D-Series dome camera to its portfolio

Flir D Series
Flir D Series

Flir D Series

CCTV Center, FLIR System’s appointed security distributor, has added the new D-series, thermal, multi-sensor, networked dome camera to its portfolio. The camera is designed for outdoor, day/night use and provides precise pan/tilt control, whilst offering fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue and slew-to-alarm functionality.

The D-Series pan/tilt mechanism includes 360º continuous rotation, tilt from +45º to 180º and 128 preset positions for continual area scanning. The D-series combines two sensor technologies to provide crisp, clear images, in most external light conditions. A 320 x 240 pixel thermal imager is used for situational awareness in any lighting conditions and a colour CCD camera, with 36x optical zoom and day / night capability, provides detailed images.

The D-series has impressive detection and identification range performance. For example, when equipped with a 35mm, 13º field of view, athermal lens, the D-313 will detect a human-sized object at a distance of over 780 metres. The athermal lens ensures images remain in sharp focus, irrespective of environmental temperatures.

Digital and composite video connections are both provided. The D-series is fully TCP / IP and serial network-enabled, for remote control from a PC. Multi-channel digital video streaming is available in H.264, MPEG-4 or M-JPEG formats. Digital Detail Enhancement ensures the images generated from the D-series are high-contrast and optimised for video analytics software.

The D-series is extremely rugged, IP66 rated for protection against dust and moisture ingress and ideal for use in harsh, external environments.

For more information on thermal imaging and FLIR products, contact Tim Cocks, Head of CCTV Center’s Thermal Imaging Division, on 01494 887350 or visit

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