When Fire Safety and Access Control meet! Allegion discuss…

When Fire Safety and Access Control meet! Allegion discuss…

When Fire Safety and Access Control meet! Allegion discuss…

With the new innovative Briton 571 EL solution, Allegion has created the first Briton electromechanical exit device that can be truly integrated with access control.

In high footfall buildings such as schools, offices and hospitals, it is often the case that employee and staff entrances will also be one of the fire exits for the building. In these situations, facility and security managers must satisfy two competing requirements: firstly, ensuring the door has a fully functional and compliant panic exit device, secondly allowing easily monitored safe and secure access.

From inside the building, Briton 571 EL works like a normal panic exit device, instantly opening to allow immediate exit. However, from the outside, access can be gained by either using a remote button to allow entry, or local access via a keypad or transponder. When these items are supplied with the new SimonVoss MobileKey solution, up to 20 access points can be securely managed, providing peace of mind for facility and security managers.

Domenico Adamo, EMEIA mechanical business line director at Allegion comments:

“Briton 571 EL combines access control, with a fully functional panic exit device to provide a secure entrance and safe exit. Mechanics meet electronics to deliver a new security horizon, in line with the growing needs of our markets, offering more control, more flexibility and more freedom of management.”

Briton 571 EL has been designed to be surface mounted, making it easy to install and with cost-effective low power consumption.

The system can be integrated with any existing access control system in place, or it can be installed to provide seamless integration with the innovative SimonsVoss MobileKey system, making this one of Briton’s most exciting product releases of the year.

Briton 571 EL has achieved CE marking in accordance with Construction Products Regulation no. 305/2011/EU, issued by ICIM, and has voluntary certification issued by the ICIM according to UNI EN 1125.

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