Hospital Trains Families in Better Childcare with Milestone


Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is being used by a hospital in Joensuu, Finland, in new ways that go beyond security: to improve difficult care challenges through innovative parent-child training.

North Karelia Central Hospital offers specialized medical care and special needs services for the inhabitants of its 14 member municipalities. Annually, around 60,000 people use their services. One of these services now includes an innovative, effective way to help parents with challenging babies and young children, for issues such as sleeping and feeding problems.

Medical practice and research are demonstrating that video methods are excellent tools for clinical interventions when treating problems in child-parent relationships – especially with newborns. The authorities here in Finland decided to use Milestone video surveillance to train troubled families in better interactions.

The installing Milestone Gold Partner, Hällström, designed and implemented an effective solution with Milestone XProtect® Professional video software to manage Axis network cameras and Shure Professional microphones at the clinic. Hällström also set up the hospital users of the XProtect® Smart Client with the Finnish language interface, which significantly eases day-to-day operations for the employees.

SONY DSCThe innovative use of the video has provided the hospital with an effective tool for the multi-faceted needs in their clinical work. They are now able to treat behavioral difficulties between parents and their young children more effectively – to the benefit of all concerned.

“Thanks to Milestone XProtect we can provide better help to parents with babies and toddlers who often have sleeping and feeding problems,” says Marianna Savio, Child Psychiatrist and Clinical Director, Clinic of Child Psychiatry, North Karelia Central Hospital.

The Milestone solution is an important tool in helping families with problems they cannot solve by themselves. The end result of training with the interactions on video is healthier and happier babies and parents with increased knowledge and peace of mind.

At the hospital, the parents are let into a room with their child while the staff observes them from another room, viewing with the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The Axis cameras and Milestone XProtect are used in a special clinical environment, furnished to look like a home with a kitchen and a bedroom. The hospital staff use the system to review interactions and evaluate them with the parents.

“The Milestone solution is planned to fulfill the requirements of the legislation concerning patient security and confidentiality: the recorded video material is saved for 90 days for clinical use only. Then it is exported on a DVD or destroyed for good according to treatment plan,” explains Jyrki Hällström, CEO at Hällström.

The XProtect software has proven to be such a useful tool for doctors, nurses and therapists that word of this has spread, and several other hospitals are now interested in the same solution.

“We are extremely satisfied with the installation. We are actually looking to expand our solution to even more Milestone licenses for additional cameras within the next year,” concludes Marianna Savio.

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