FIND aims to simplify and accelerate large scale video searches

Visimetrics FIND - Street GUI Monitor Control Room View

Visimetrics (UK) Ltd is finalising a £1 million project to significantly reduce the search time of large periods of CCTV recordings for key points of evidence. The R&D project team includes the DTI’s Technology Strategy Board, Loughborough University, PERA, CCTV User Group and Visimetrics.

Visimetrics FIND - Street GUI Monitor Control Room View

The FIND system is a video analytics system designed to search through hours of video

Following the London bombings in July 2005, the Metropolitan Police Service reviewed over 100,000 hours of CCTV footage as part of their incident investigation. This process consumed a huge amount of operational man hours and significantly increased the amount of time required to progress the investigation. The issues faced by the police in this instance inspired a technical solution to significantly reduce the time, man power resources,(and costs) needed to review large amounts of CCTV recordings while searching for key points of evidence.

FIND – Forensic Investigation Network Database – has been developed with the capability of linking to any CCTV recording system to create and index key objects of interest at the time of video capture and storage. The technology works by allowing operators to search via a powerful ‘FIND’ processing engine that immediately identifies relevant footage. By inputting key parameters, the system will search the database of classified objects and display relevant images using thumbnail identification, ready for review. The speed of response is derived from searching the object data index, rather than the traditional video based “region of interest” search, using selected areas of a specific camera.

FIND emerged from initial research undertaken by Loughborough University evaluating the most technically challenging aspects of using automated video analysis to search large volumes of existing CCTV recordings for key or ‘known’ objects of interest.

Read more about it in the attached document –CCTV gets FIND Forensic Investigation Network Database (PDF – opens in new window)

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