The latest in streamlined solutions for the modern digital home

4950_300These Fermax kits are ideal for modern installation where a balance between security and aesthetics is needed. The 4950 is a streamlined solution that is the perfect fit for the modern digital home.

Each kit provides an iLOFT colour video monitor. The display is a high quality 3.5” TFT screen. It is compact, very slim and designed to fit in with modern architectural design. The iLoft received the 2007 seal of approval at the ADI-FAD, a prestigious designers association. The award noted the monitors’ manufacturing quality, its aesthetic renovation and innovative value.

Each monitor can be flush mounted and provides a hands-free setting for convenience. The layout is simple and intuitive, buttons are clearly marked to let you communicate with the outside panel, open the door, and see visitors. Other features included in the clear digital menu include: call to guard, volume, ringtone, brightness, contrast and colour control. The push buttons have been coated in metallic paint and transparent polycarbonate glass rests on the surface of the monitor. When a call is placed an image immediately appears on screen, transmitted from the panel outside.

The City panel is made of aluminium and contains a built-in colour camera with pan & tilt capabilities. This means the camera can adjust the lens to the ideal angle, ensuring good quality video.  The buttons are chrome finished and fit in nicely with the curved profile of the panel. Each panel is sealed and makes use of gold plated contacts for lasting durability.  For added versatility, the video entry version of this panel has all the functions provided by the audio entry panel.

Push buttons include polycarbonate card slots which allow name labels to be inserted. Built in lighting illuminates the card slots so that they can be read in pitch black conditions.


As you can see, this kit combines Fermax technical know-how with modern styling expected by today’s consumer.

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