Falanx’s significant contract win

Falanx's significant contract win

Falanx’s significant contract win

Falanx Group Limited, an intelligence, security and cyber defence provider working with blue chip and government clients worldwide, is pleased to announce it has secured a new contract to provide cyber defence services for a major UK Government department, generating £312,000 in revenue for the Company over the next four years, with £135,000 payable over the first six months. The contract will be delivered in partnership with MDS Technologies, a cloud computing services company.

Falanx will provide the Government department with high assurance systems that will enable compliance with Government requirements for monitoring secure data (GPG-13), as well as the associated processes for alerting and ticketing.

John Blamire, CEO of Falanx Group commented:

“We continue to demonstrate our status as a provider of choice to government organisations of highly scalable monitoring systems, on long term contracts. We are confidently pursuing negotiations to deliver our capability across other sensitive areas of government and commercial organisations, which could develop into significantly higher value contracts.”

Falanx Group Limited is a global intelligence, security and cyber defence provider working with blue chip and government clients.

Falanx Group is an AIM-listed security and intelligence provider based in London in the United Kingdom.

We are a world-leading team of security professionals and technology experts who work in close partnership with our clients to help them defend against a wide range of global security threats.

The Group has three business divisions:

• Falanx Intelligence: Political & Security Risk and Business Intelligence services
• Falanx Resilience: Security Consultancy, Crisis Management and asset and facility security
• Falanx Cyber: Comprehensive cloud-based cyber security services

The Group listed on AIM in June 2013 under ticker FLX.

For more information on Falanx and Falanx Assuria, email info@falanxassuria.com or call 020 3747 4650

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