eyevis Control Room Video Wall monitors critical US power lines

eyevis Control Room Video Wall monitors critical US power lines

eyevis Control Room Video Wall monitors critical US power lines

Control Room Video Wall monitors 5,300 Miles of power lines

A 24/7 control room featuring eyevis technology is helping US energy provider Carroll EMC to monitor and maintain power supplies to home across Georgia. The project is one of an increasing number completed by eyevis, North America, utilising unique eyevis technology and reliability, which is ideal for the control room market.

Carroll EMC, based in Atlanta, has a system which covers approximately 5,300 miles of power lines with 25 distribution substations distributing more than 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to almost 50,000 customers. Its new control room features a video wall made up of four eyevis 70-inch EC-70-LHD-1000 LED-lit DLP rear projection cubes with Full-HD Resolution as well as a netPIX 4900 video wall controller and eyeCON video wall management software. The project, which included overcoming significant design challenges, was completed as a growing number of clients in the control room sector turn to eyevis, North America.

Rear Projection Cubes Designed For 24/7 Operation
With the choice for LED-lit Digital Light Processing (DLP) rear projection cubes from eyevis, Carroll EMC opted for the leading display technology for control room applications. Besides its invulnerability with the prolonged representation of static content, DLP cubes convince through their minimal gap and the outstanding long life-time of the implemented LEDs of up to 80,000 hours. Each of the cubes provides native Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) in 16:9 aspect ratio and was especially designed for applications which require a reliable 24/7 operation.

The combination of the eyevis netPIX Controller and eyeCON wall management software that run the system, enables the display of any source signal in any size and position on the video wall. This ensures all necessary information is presented to the operators in an adequate manner.

Carroll Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) is a not-for-profit, consumer-owned business that distributes electricity to about 49,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in areas including Carroll, Haralson, Heard, Paulding, Polk, Troup and Floyd counties in western Georgia.

The association was founded in 1936 and as a co-operative, Carroll EMC embodies a business philosophy of operating at the lowest possible cost for its members, who each share in the business’s ownership.

eyevis Overcame Complicated Design Challenges
James Layton, Manager of System Engineering at Carroll EMC:

“We selected eyevis as their product range coupled with their technical knowledge was instrumental in our selection process. They overcame the complicated design challenge of using the existing framework with the new cubes to deliver a fully working, high quality solution in a demanding timescale.”

Lee Baxter, Sales Manager for eyevis, North America, said:

“Keeping the lights on for the people of western Georgia involves the continuous monitoring of thousands of miles of power lines and numerous substations and we are delighted that Carroll EMC has chosen the reliability and efficiency of eyevis video wall technology for this project.”

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